About Us

Friendship and Revitalising Mutual Support


Pera Agros 91/92 FaRMS (Friendship and Revitalising Mutual Support) is an independent organisation that has been formed by the batch of 91/92 which graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya that has a current total of approximately 170 members.


we all have the same basic degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, currently we are a heterogeneous population with a wide range of professionals who have toiled up the ladder of success in many different disciplines, not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world.

We Stand To

raise and manage funds in order to promote and offer the members a wide range of social benefits and services that include scholarships for children of members,support for critical health and support during an emergency or a difficult period.


to reach, serve and engage with all our fellow batchmates of the 91/92 batch regardless of where you live in the world and what stage of life you are passing through right now. We are committed to enhance the “University of Pera” brand and to uplift it to world-class.

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